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Type of product: Metallized Films

Perimeter is the Leading supplier of Metallized Bopet film in Packaging grade with a thickness range of 10 to 50 microns. Mettallized Bopet film is available in Jumbo rolls & customized sizes as per customer requirement (20mm to 2500mm).

Following surface Treatments are available.

  • Metallized on Untreated / Corona treated Surface (Flexible Packaging Range/Printing and Lamination Range )
  • Metallized with Chemical Treatment on the Opposite side (suitable for Paper board Lamination application)
  • Metallized on Chemical Treated ( Flexible Packaging Range/Printing and Lamination Range )
  • Metallized on Chemical Treated (For Sterilization/Pasteurization/Retortable application )
  • Metallized on Chemical Treated (With exceptionally high bond strength 1000gms/Inch)
  • Metalized on Chemical Treated (High OD (3.5) Film, to achieve high barrier values)
  • Both Sides Metallized on Untreated/Corona Treated Surfaces ( Industrial/Glitter application)
  • Yarn Grade Metallized film (For Yarn application, Produced on Crucible Metallizer with superior quality)
Metallized Films

A High Quality Control in compliance with International Standards

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