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Perimeter General Trading LLC is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Middle Eastern region. We focus on delivering the best solutions for the most important PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) application.

We offer the widest range of polyester films for flexible packaging and industrial film for various applications like window boxes, labels, cable insulation, siliconizing, and electrical insulation applications/tape applications along with specialty films such as matt/heat seal/ Alox-Met/ Alox top coated high barrier, etc.

The film can be supplied to meet industry specifications including Plain
(Un-treated) , Corona and Chemical, Yarn grade, Anti-static, Heat sealable, Hazy, Ultra-clear, Twistable, Metallized.

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Alox Films

Alox is a new Technology film with extremely high barrier properties suitable for end products with higher shelf life. It was either Aluminum Foil or Metalized films that were able to provide barrier however Alox films are revolutionary for replacing them even with the requirement of transparent pouches, see-through pouches, or regular pouches.

Pancake Specifications

Slit Width range: 0.78 Inch to 20 Inch
Core ID: 3&6 Inch
Thickness: 40 Gauge to 200 Gauge
Maximum OD: 26Inch
Film Type: Plain, Corona, and Metallized PET films
Capacity: 10.5million pounds per Annum (4800MT/A)
Secondary Slitters: 3

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